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Related post: Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 19:57:09 -0700 (PDT) From: Jeff Spencer Subject: Queer Factor, Part 3 (t/?, oral, bbs lil girls anal, light raunch)This is bbs kds xxx a completely fictional story of sex among teenage males and under aged boys. If you're not supposed to be reading, because you're too young, or bbs list 2010 it's illegal where mature bbs you are, then don't read it. Please make a donation to the free board nude bbs board that posted this, too. This story, animal pedo castlefreebbs angeles like all of my stories, is copyrighted, and wholly my property. Stories by Jeff Spencer can adolescent girls photo bbs be found at, at the "Prolific Internet Authors" page, under the name, Jeffspencer. Any use darks fozya bbs other bbs beauty than personal must be preceded by a grant of permission for use. If you enjoy this story, please drop me a line at to let me know. 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Of course, the two of you will now advance to the final round!" young bbs cuties meaning Bobby, my best friend, and me.Then the host announced the final challenge that Bobby and I would face, and I nearly collapsed."For your final challenge, each of you will fuck a teenager in the ass. teen lola bbs In addition, you will be fucked in the ass. You will be judged, bbs forum asian once again, on how quickly you cum when your cock is buried in the teenager's tight bottom, with style points awarded at my discretion young porno bbs galleries depending how well you yourself play the role of bottom.""Bottom?" I asked. "What's that?""Fuckee. The one with a cock up his ass," the host replied. "Got it?""Oh," I replied. It was hard to think of something witty when I was going to end up with some unknown bbs jacksonville fl guy's cock in my rear end."Oh, and one more thing," the host added. "The person you will be fucking, is bbs vladmodel each other. Conversely, you will be fucked by the other. Any questions?" Bobby and I were silent, thinking about what this meant. It's one thing to fuck some anonymous guy, or, I suppose, to get fucked by some anonymous guy, but quite something else to do it with your best friend."Very well, since there are no questions. The challenge will occur tomorrow, as you are both likely to be tired and, excuse the expression, `fucked out.'" A slight smile accompanied that. "You both are my guests tonight. All the luxuries of my bbs sexy pics house are yours to use and enjoy. Just don't bbs xxx tgp forget that you'll need your energy for tomorrow." Fortunately, Bobby and I didn't have any plans, nor have to bbs cp child account for our whereabouts to our parents, so the maid led list of bbs sex us to our bedrooms upstairs. I looked at Bobby's ass speculatively on the way up the grand staircase, and for the first time appreciated how his korean photo bbs sex butt cheeks moved when he walked. Each cheek lifting up, then lowering, with a slight hot bbs pics side to side motion. I noticed too, Bobby stealing glances at my crotch, which I must admit, was a little bit more tented than usual.The maid led us to our separate rooms, Bobby first, then nubiles inocent bbs mine, my room being next to his. I was amazed at the luxury of the place. Silk draperies, nice looking real paintings on the preeteen bbs collection wall, plush furniture and some kind of oriental carpets, dark wood furniture, real shiny - it wasn't anything like my dorm young bbs porn room furniture, a 1' x 8' plank on cinderblocks tv stand, and like that. I fell back on the bed - it was really soft, and plush. I found myself dozing off, imagining what it would feel like to have 11 year old Stefan or my friend Bobby lying on top of me in the bed, my dick stiffening at that. "Shit, the last thing I need right now is to jack off," I said to myself.After I'd rested for about 30 minutes, I got up and went over to Bobby's door. Knocking, I asked him if he wanted to explore. He answered the door, saying, "Yeah," so we went to check bbs gallery forum the place out. It was understood that we wouldn't go back into the basement until tomorrow, so we checked out the ground floor, since the upstairs looked mainly to be bedrooms and bathrooms, a lot of `em too.We settled into the game room, where he had a couple of HD plasma TVs, 40+ inches, and a bunch of other stuff, including Nintendo, PS2s and even some old pinball tables and foosball. Bobby and I settled perteen bbs in rompl bbs to watch some TV, but we avoided talking about what had happened that day. I wondered if we ever would talk about it. After a while, the maid came in and said the cook had mpegs bbs prepared a buffet dinner for us. We headed over to the dining room, and found bbs dark nymph a really nice spread of all kinds of meat, fruit, pastries and stuff like that. We stuffed our faces, then went youth girls bbs back and ls sites bbs watched some more TV.Finally, I started dozing off, so I 7 sisters bbs toplist told Bobby that I was going to bed. I kind of hesitated, because, to be honest, I was thinking how nice it would be to feel his naked body next to mine. But that whole area of thought was dangerous, since we'd never, ever done anything like that. Course, you'd have to balance THAT with the fact that we'd been having gay sex all day in front of each blowjob bbs other, and I'd had my fingers up his ass while he stroked my cock! And there was the fact that I thought we'd better not play bbs pedo ukrainian angels at night with the lola bbs tgp challenge the next morning. After all, my lacrosse coach told us fucking would young ukrainian teen bbs take away from bbs little loitas our lacrosse games, nonude elweb bbs so it stood to reason that fucking the night before would take away your game from a, er, fucking competition.I went up to my room, and found pajamas, and clothing for the next day, in my size, laid out on a small bbs picture post teensex dresser top. I went into the private bathroom, and took a quick shower, removing the sweat and male juices of the day off my body, the hot water soothing me, and turning my skin bright pink. The feel bbs virgin little of the slick soap was nice, and I felt so clean as I stepped out onto the mat and dried off, with the biggest, fluffiest and softest towel I'd ever seen.I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair back with my fingers, and walked asian bbs post over to the plush bed and crawled in under the covers. The sheets were ultra smooth, almost felt like satin sheets, although they were cotton, and cool against my skin. I don't even remember turning the lights off, as I dropped off to sleep within seconds. I slept a dreamless board3 cgiworld bbs bd sleep, or at least I don't remember any, but somewhere in the blackness I awoke, feeling someone crawling into bed with me! There was no light at all in the room."What the fu-" I started to say."Shh," bbs photos teens the person said. It became evident very quickly that the someone was male, and naked, as I felt a small, hard cock flopping against my naked thigh. The male was short, about charming angels bbs 5' or so, judging by great bbs where his feet were when he brought his mouth to mine, although it was hard to think about height when I felt warm lips pressing against mine, and his tongue invading my mouth. His hand went to my package, and gently cupped my lol teen bbs anal bbs young toplist balls, then stroked my hard cock. The feeling was pure ecstasy! My hand bbs dark young gallery went to his cock, and it felt like it was about 3 or 4 inches long, his balls underneath were surprisingly big and magic teen bbs gallery full of cream. There was very little hair around his cock and balls, just a tgp bbs link light dusting.He rolled over on free bbs child pics top of me, as I lay on my back, and I could feel that he wasn't real heavy. I horny bbs still had no idea of who it might be. "Bobby?" I whispered."Shh," he said again, bringing his index fingertip bbs 10yo pussy pics to my lips to silence me. I brought my hands around to his ass cheeks. Warm, round and full, they were the nicest ass cheeks I could ever remember feeling. The clips bbs porn child voice sighed as bbs free pics archiv my hands separated his ass cheeks, and as they parted my fingers sought out his hole. Intensely hot, and tight, his puckered entrance opened to allow me entry to nude young girls bbs his anus. My finger slipped bbs teensex in, to my surprise, as the interior was slimy and wet.I slowly finger fucked his ass best pix bbs gateway with my finger, deep inside up until I couldn't get any deeper inside of him. So silky smooth, so wet and hot, it felt much more welcoming than any girlfriend's cunt had felt. I felt like I was hardcore teens bbs where I wanted to be. I reflected bbs teen angels that every time I'd had my finger or dick up inside bbs little nude a male's ass today, I'd loved the feel much more than I ever had with any female, and I actually considered the reality that I might be gay, or at least bi.I found that the thought didn't bbs kds porn toplist turn me off at all, but rather excited me wonderfully. Apparently, after my revelations of this day, I'd opened up my sexual opportunities to the whole world, rather than confining them to only half (and a cranky half, at that!)Freeing myself of my inhibitions, bbs real I aggressively began exploring his body, Bobby or whoever. I stroked his smooth body up and down his slim length, loving the feel of his naked, slightly muscled body against my naked, more defined body, my hard 9" dick pressing between his slim thighs, where he trapped it, squeezing it free art bbs there. He giggled silently into my mouth, as we continued kissing passionately. Our tongues danced free cp bbs pics together in ecstasy, our bodies slowly moving against each other, my hands absorbing every square inch of hot, sexy boy flesh.His small younger bbs voyeur nipples were tightly erect, and I pinched one between thumb and forefinger, rolling the hard, rubbery flesh until he squealed, then moving to the other, which made him grind his leaking cock against my thigh. I could tell he was taking pleasure hentai bbs imgboard from both the pain of my pinching his nipples, and the ecstasy of pressing his hard 3" cock against me, and I kissed him even more deeply for that. I wanted to please my mysterious lover.Suddenly, he sat up, then, wordlessly, he sat on my chest, astride me, his small cock near pics 12yr nude bbs my mouth. I could smell its sandra bbs models warm musk, and instinctively feel its closeness, as a wife knows her husband is nearby without checking. "Give it to me," I whispered, and I felt his warm bottom against my child erotic bbs chest as he slid forward. His cock bounced up and down against my lips, and I opened wide to allow him access to my mouth. He slid forward, his hard meat pushing past my teeth, and resting momentarily on my bbs little young sweet tongue.I was an inexperienced cock sucker, that morning had been my first and only, but I was careful to give that cock a loving touch, kissing and caressing that uncut 3" rod, sucking gently, then harder, as though I could suck off his loose foreskin and taste his meat. As his rod stiffened, the foreskin retracted enough that his piss slit was exposed in my mouth, several pearly drops of salty cum rolling onto my tongue. That excited me, and I knew I'd do anything for him then.He began fucking my mouth slowly, then faster as his own lust overcame him, jamming his dick as far inside me as he could. My jaws ached, but I loved the feel of this boy or man possessing me, and I hoped he'd soon be giving me his creamy load. If it were Bobby, I knew it would be more than a mouthful, or so I found myself hoping. He grunted above me, as he pushed in and out of my mouth pussy. I stroked his lower back, which was really all I could reach with him sitting on my face, though I longed to rub his hot ass.Soon, his grunting increased in pace, as did his fucking, and I knew that he would cum soon. I felt the first shots out of his dick against the back of my throat, and swallowed madly so that I wouldn't choke on them, but there was plenty of his jizz oozing out of that wonderful cock onto my tongue and gums, and I got the full flavor of his man essence, ukranian angels bbs free a sweetly salty creamy elwebbs free taste. I regretted bbs sex nude missing its wonderful flavor and texture for so many years, but promised bbs photography myself I'd never make that mistake again. I so very much wanted more man cream!The man or boy above said nothing, just jerked his hips several times as he finished cumming, then slowly, sadly withdrew russian nudist bbs his already softening penis from my eager mouth and lips, bending down to kiss me, and taste his cum from my lips. He stretched out along me, laying on me, wonderfully naked, kissing, then whispered, "Fuck me." Just once, simply, "Fuck me."He got up, and in the darkness I could feel him crouching on his hands and knees next elweb bbs pisc to me, his words echoing in my ears. "Fuck me." I raised up, my hard 9" dick more than happy to take its bbs xxx pleasure. I crouched behind him, feeling for, and quickly finding kds bbs lol his warm, round bottom. I separated his cheeks with my fat kiddy bbs thumbs, and imgboard bbs pantyhose brought my nose close to his rear opening. The musky fragrance that I remembered so well from my fingers in Bobby's ass was here, too."Bobby, I want to fuck your hot ass so much!" I whispered, with only his wiggling ass for answer. I began licking at that delicious boy hole, my tongue penetrating his tight pucker, absorbing his beauty with the texture of his flesh under my tongue, the aroma of his light, musky shit scent up my nose, and the slightly bitter shit taste of a boy ass on my tongue, my mouth watering with lust.I lapped at his sweet man pussy for the longest time, until I had extracted all the Bobby flavor his ass possessed, rape forum tgp bbs and his rear hole was wetly awaiting my rampaging cock, 9" of steel by this point. I gave his ass one last slow, lingering lick, then raised up on my knees between those slim thighs. "Bobby, I'm gonna fuck you now, baby," I moaned, and, holding the head of my cock between thumb and forefinger, brought it up to that tiny hole, the male cunt emitting heat all out of proportion to its small size. I pushed the large knob of my dick past bbs sites that slick pucker, and Bobby yelped."Do you want me to stop?" I muttered."No, harder," was the muffled reply, as Bobby's face was pressed into the pillow. I thrust harder, and deeper, and Bobby pressed back, my cock sinking in all the way to the hilt up his ass. The head of my cock must have been tickling the back of his throat, I thought. I slowly began fucking in and out of that delicious boy pussy, Bobby's rectum tightly gripping my cock, as though it never wanted to let go."Fuck Bobby! You've got the tightest fuckin' ass I've ever felt! My hard cock is splitting your little ass in two, man! You're the sweetest piece of ass a man could want! bbs nn pre gallery I'm fuckin' you like the little bitch slut you are! Uhh!! Yeah!! Fuck, YES!!" Bobby's sphincter clamped down on my free bbs image ls cock, then, and I shot through the roof. "FUCK!! Your hot cunt's grippin' my cock, man!! You want my load, slut, don't ya!! FUCK!! HERE IT COMES, BABY!! I'M FUCKIN' SHOOTIN' MY MAN LOAD INSIDE YOUR TIGHT ASS!! imgboard bbs dark TAKE IT, BABY!! TAKE MY LOAD, SLUT!!! YEAH!!" I could feel volley after volley of my jism shoot out and splash against his ass walls, his rectum still bbs neuken child mocel bbs forum gripping my bbs bord picpost rod tightly.I slumped against his small body, coming down from the high of my orgasm, then rolling over onto bbs teen xxx image bbs jpg children side, my back momentarily to japan bbs forum my new lover. I remember thinking to young cp toplist bbs myself, "I want to roll back and give Bobby a big hug and bbs tgp lol kiss," but I drifted off to sleep, the exercise and excitement of the day before finally catching up to me. I woke up around 9 am or so the next morning, to find myself alone in the bed. "Was it a dream?" I wondered, then touching my cock, still a little sore, I knew it had actually happened. The events of the night before were further confirmed as being no dream, by the crusted cum on my face.I still felt worn out, but Bobby would probably feel the same, so at least we'd be even in the competition.===============Well, that's the end of Part 3, stay tuned for Part 4. If you'd like to let me know what you thought of it, contact me at Thanks, Jeff
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